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15.0 pitch 3P straight-through rivet terminal block

Brand ULINGCONN / You Union models 128-150-3A-4 types of wiring blocks / patch panels
Operating Frequency Low Frequency Applications PCB Interface Type AC / DC
Shape Bar Length 0 (mm) Production process Cold
Processing customization is the characteristic flame retardant / flame retardant contact material C2680
Insulator material PBT core number 3 pin number 3
Current 125A

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Model: 128-150-3P-4 Applications: instrumentation, digital display devices, industrial computers, LED display, a total of control equipment, and other fields

2.15.0 Pitch 3P Rivet Terminal Block Purpose: For data transfer between devices.
3.15.0 Pitch 3P Straight Rivet Terminal Block Specifications: Gold-plated terminal Production process: pull the terminal + injection + plating + assembly
Temperature resistance: up to 260 degrees
4.15.0 3P straight-line riveting terminal blocks Product Features: Environmental protection is not easy to Health and embroidery, stable deformation is not easy; according to customer requirements open mode, price concessions, manufacturers, factory direct.
5.15.0 Spacing 3P Rivet Terminal Block Production process: 鈶 injection 鈶 pull the terminal 鈶 electroplating 鈶 assembly 鈶 finished shipments
6.15.0 Pitch 3P Rivet Terminal Block Plating Color: Gold.
7.15.0 Pitch 3P Rivet Terminal Block Packing: Blister Packing Inner Packing plus carton outer packing.

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