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Pitch 3.96mm series euro terminal block straight
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1. Brand: Domestic / gifted Kang Model: Level 4 3.5 stereo plug Applications: Quick cable connector D-SUB Interface

2.3.5 Level 4 stereo plugs purposes: for metal connector plug-in electronic components.
3.3.5 Level 4 stereo plug Specifications: gold-plated terminals Production process: Stamping plating + + + Injection + packing assembly
Temperature resistance: up to 230 degrees
4.3.5 Level 4 stereo plug Product features: environmental difficult to rust, not easily deformed stable performance; can be a model based on customer requirements, price concessions, factory manufacturing, factory direct.
5.3.5 Level 4 stereo plug production process: 鈶 鈶 injection stamping plating 鈶 鈶 鈶 assembled product shipments
6.3.5 Level 4 stereo plug plating color: gold.
7.a. Packaging: plastic bags or tubes plus points sleeve packaging carton packaging.
. B Payment: mutual deliberation, signed a contract. (Note: The insurance company Prudential, after signing the security contract, the buyers can protect capital, shipping, etc.)
8. Service: customers receive the company's products, we will track customer feedback and comments to improve our service, so customers reliable quality suppliers.

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