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RJ45 network socket


59 1X2 shielded shell, gilt FU, 3U, 6U, 15U, 30U

1.Current Rating: 1.5 amps
2.Voltage Rating: 125vac
3.Insulation Resistance: 500 M惟min
4.Contact Resistance: 30 M惟max
5.Withstanding Voltage: AC 1000V RMS 50Hz or 60Hz 1 min
1.Insertion Force: 2.2KG.F max
2.Retention Strength: 7.7KG.F min between jack and plug
3.Durability: 600 mating cycles min
1.Housing: ABS RESIN (UL94V-0) PBT (UL94V-0) PA66 (UL94V-0) PA46 (UL94V-0)
2.Contact Wire: Diameter 0.45mm phosphor bronze gold plating over nickel
0.35mm thickness phosphor bronze alloy selective gold plating over nickel
3.Shield: 0.20 ~ 0.25mm thickness brass with tin plated
4.Gold Plating: 3u inch, 6u inch, 15u inch, 30u inch, 50u inch
Working Temperature: -40 鈩 to 70 鈩

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