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DVI 24+1 straight male plug connector
DVI cable supports the new digital video interface (DVI) standard, also supports existing VGA, DFP, P & D video standard. It supports a single analog video interface, a single digital interface, digital and analog hybrid interface.



MicroCross DVI connector supports T_MDS (minimum differential signal converter), converts analog video signals into digital signals. The connectors are horizontal and vertical cross-ground blade, not only provides a good grounding, and reduces crosstalk. It is an analog display provides bandwidth of up to 2.5GHz and cost-effective interface.



This connector uses a unique Molex LFH (low force helix) redundant contact terminals of the connector with a higher degree of integration of electrical and mechanical reliability.



MicroCross DVI connector in addition to supporting the new interactive digital video system (DVI) standards, but also consistent with existing industry standards, including VGA, DFP and P & D standard, and supports a single analog input, one digital input and digital / analog integrated inputs several video features. It uses a long period, can be used in mobile devices, a unique mechanical design improves EMI / RFI performance.

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