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Micro usb 3.0 type B female socket connector
Copper alloy Insulator material LCP core number 9
Operating voltage 12V pin number 9

Meet USB specification standards microusb female

Colloidal 1: LCP, UL94V-0
2 terminals: copper alloy
3 Plating: according to the requirements of a given

Electrical Characteristics:
1 Current Rating: 5A
2 withstand voltage: 1000Vr.m.s, 1mA, 60s
3 Insulation resistance: 鈮5000M惟
4 contact resistance: 鈮35m惟

3 times life: 500 times

Operating temperature:
-40 鈩 ~ + 100 鈩

     Mainly applied to communications and electronic data-processing equipment and the use
Electronic equipment or devices similar technologies. Frequencies below 3MHz, products
Interchangeable with similar products at home and abroad.

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